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Our network

We have a proven network of partners who possess in-depth knowledge and many years of practical experience in their specialist fields. All our partners are people we have worked with successfully before and who share our focus on people.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Nützi

Prof. Rudolf Nützi

Lecturer, trainer and consultant in the field of corporate communications, negotiation and interview skills.
Beat Kappeler

Beat Kappeler, Dipl. Psychologogist HAP

Speaker on topics including organisational psychology and supervision. Consultant in business-related professional assessments for teams.
Mona Spisak

Mona Spisak, lic. phil, Master of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication

Lecturer and trainer in professional communication for telephone-based new customer acquisition, active customer contact and customer care.
Christine Brodbeck

Christine Brodbeck, Eidg. Dipl. (Swiss Federal Diploma) Communications Management, Managing Director at pantera nera GmbH

Bespoke marketing solutions for companies, agencies, media providers, an educational organisation and an institution. Consultant in the field of communications, event management and corporate sponsorship. In recent years, Christine has also worked as an expert examiner and lecturer at various higher education institutions.