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    PUNKTO – Keeping your goals in sight.


We are passionate about consulting and coaching, be it with executives, managers, project leaders or their staff. Our expertise extends from corporate governance, through organisational development to human resources management.

The punkto team is there to support you in the fascinating process of enhancing the development, motivation and performance of your employees.



To us, coaching means providing individual, target-oriented and professional support during change processes. These changes can be organisational in nature or related to personal development. We work with you on the current issues faced as a result of day-to-day leadership and/or management activities.
  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Executive coaching

Individual coaching

With individual coaching, we focus on you and your personal concerns. This is an extremely efficient way to deal effectively with the key issues and challenges you currently face. Working alongside you, we provide the benefit of our expert knowledge (consultancy) and ask helpful questions to enable you to develop the solutions that are right for you (coaching).

Team coaching

The focus here is on the issues that arise when working as a team. We develop a range of solutions, taking account of the strengths of each individual and sharing the benefit of our experience. As part of this process, we ask solution-focused questions to help you find new perspectives and ways of thinking.

Executive coaching

Peace and quiet, concentration, a clear target, a clean swing and drive – PUNKTO helps you stay on par! Many of the attributes that are demanded on the golf course are also important in daily life as a manager. Work with us to make the most of your skills, abilities and expertise. Please see our flyer for more information about what to expect from our Golf Executive Training.

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Organisational development

Is your company, department or division in the process of reorganisation? Perhaps circumstances have altered and well-understood processes are being restructured? Is the change and uncertainty this brings starting to become an issue for people in several parts of the organisation? How are you going to explain the new strategy to the workforce? How will you motivate staff to engage with these change processes?

We support you in your search for sustainable solutions to all these questions.
  • Team development
  • Change projects
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership development
  • Human resources projects

Team development

Move to the next level together as a team. Whatever your challenge, we can help. Be it a shake up in the team, taking on additional responsibilities, the arrival of a new manager or simply further developing a team that already functions well.

Change projects

New structures have been discussed and defined, the organisation chart has been drawn up and now all that needs to happen is for staff to “get involved”. To ensure your project is embraced by all, everybody affected needs to feel like a partner in the process. Before undertaking this type of project, it is always worth putting some thought into how to get staff on board for the entire journey.

Conflict management

Wherever people work together, conflict is never far away. Our role is to help you deal constructively with the issues. Do you want to take a proactive approach to addressing the topic of conflict with your team? Are you looking to address a specific conflict-related matter? We look forward to supporting you on both a professional and human level.

Leadership development

Has your executive team become jaded with the same old leadership training? Let us design a bespoke training course matched to the individual needs of the participants. We will combine knowledge content and practical examples with elements of coaching to create a vibrant, enjoyable experience that can be delivered as modules.

Interim HR management

We are available to provide expedient support for your human resources management needs in various areas. Our team can fill roles as qualified interim managers, step in to help you get past an HR bottleneck and work alongside you to ensure adequate staffing for a recruitment drive.

We have expertise in the following areas:
  • Recruitment
  • Mentoring
  • Development
  • Providing a second opinion during recruitment
  • Human resources projects
Are you looking for a qualified HR specialist who can provide timely and efficient support on-site? Do you have an HR bottleneck, or simply too much work? Perhaps you are waiting for a new HR manager to join the team and need a professional to fill the gap?

Have you seen a potential employee for a first interview and do you now want to get a professional second opinion? Why not ask us to help you out with a structured interview.